What Are The Best Security Camera Systems?

We all live in a technological age and its many perks to our lifestyle. One of the greatest creations of mankind is the introduction of security camera systems, which have served to minimize crime and capture perpetrators largely. The lengths to which individuals will head to lay their hands on things that belong to someone else, or strive to conceal any legal wrongdoings they have participated in is challenging. The genius creation of security cameras and CCTV footage has allowed us to keep ahead of the law offender.

Surveillance cameras are everywhere now. Jewellery outlets, banking institutions, government offices, top secret military establishments, even small grocery chains and restaurants have invested in security systems to ensure the safety of their businesses; as have many home owners for his or her own protection.

The security market place these days has many choices and systems of all sizes and prices. Big firms and businesses usually opt for a comprehensive security system that could monitor both the inside and outside of their complexes, whereas property owners may buy a single camera that captures weak spots like the entrance door or their child’s room.

Some of the finest wireless security camera systems available in the market today are:

DropCam-Pro: As per storify, this is certainly one of the best wireless security camera available. Quick to install, it'll provide live feeds to your computer or mobile phone directly. Built with audio and motion detection, this bad boy can hold footage up to thirty days and is equipped with two way talk and night time vision.

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro: One of the top choices for wireless surveillance camera systems, it features a hidden infra-red LED system and has a sd card slot for local video storing. It automatically connects to nearby Wi-Fi and allows quick conversation through the camera. This has impressive range and flexible articulation, and the photos are very high resolution. All this at a quite friendly price tag.

Lorex LW2731: It is flexible and has features like advanced motion detection sensor. It is extremely good for indoor and outdoor use. Its range is up to 40 feet and it is water resistant so stormy days are no hassle. There's an energy efficient LED monitor and provides gorgeous picture quality. Wireless security camera reviews @ storify suggest this camera is worth every penny spent.

Foscam F18918W: Several thousand customers have lauded this system, making it one of wireless security camera system reviews top choices. It is small, cost-effective and can double up as a newborn monitor if need be. It has superb night vision, and can rotate to almost any angle. It really works well with Apple iPads and Blackberry applications.

After all is said and done, the point remains: it's totally up to you what type of a security system you’re ready to spend money on, and what kind of a job it will provide for you. Understand the pluses and minuses of every security camera you’re choosing among, it can help you make your final decision a lot quicker.


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